Advisory Board Meeting

The Advisory Board Meeting was organised at CTN facilities the last 30th January 2020. In the mid term project stage, the QUIETMED2 Advisory Board was to assess the progress of the project. The Advisory Board of the project is made up for: J. Fabrizio Borsani (TG Noise), Florent Le Courtois (TG Noise/SHOM), Mark Tasker (Emeritus Principal Advisor at Joint Nature Conservation Committee ‐JNCC.), Sigrid Lüber (President of OceanCare), Ramón Miralles (Technical University of Valencia-UPV), Antonio Novellino (Coordinator of EMODnet Physics), Jorge Ureta (Directorate for Coast and Sea Sustainability. Ministry for the Ecological Transition in Spain), Yanis Souami (Co‐chair of Joint CMS/ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Noise Working Group) and Andreas Palialexis (European Commission, Joint Research Centre/Coordinator D1‐WG GES).

During this meeting was discussed about the overall project status, in particular, the joint proposal of a methodology to establish thresholds in MED Region,  the joint proposal for an impulsive noise risk of impact indicator in MED Region and the development of the Impulsive Noise Register in the Mediterranean Region (INR-MED). The Advisory Board members provided their feedback and recommendations to continue the development of these activities according to the latest progress from the working groups such as TG Noise and WG GES to ensure the projects results are aligned with the MSFD implementation. 

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This project has received funding from DG Environment of the European Commission within the “DG ENV/MSFD 2018 call” under grant agreement No. 110661/2018/794481/SUB/ENV.C2

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