MEDREGION Kick Off & Activities Meeting and Stakeholders’ and Experts’ Forum

Marine Technology Centre (CTN) was invited to attend the MEDREGION project Kick Off & Activities Meeting and Stakeholders’ and Experts’ Forum celebrated in Athens on 11th April 2019. The MEDREGION project has been funded under the same call than QUIETMED2 to Support Mediterranean Member States towards the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive new GES Decision and programmes of measures and contribute to regional/subregional cooperation.

This project is funded by the European Commission – DG Environment, with the aim of providing support to the Member States for the implementation of the second cycle of the Framework Directive on the Marine Environment Strategy (2008/56 / EC).

CTN, as coordinator of the project, explained the objectives and expected results of the QUIETMED2 project in order to boost cooperation among projects funded to support the implementation of the new GES decision and programmes of measures regarding the MSFD to detect synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

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This project has received funding from DG Environment of the European Commission within the “DG ENV/MSFD 2018 call” under grant agreement No. 110661/2018/794481/SUB/ENV.C2

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